Mood #9

Mood-#9From Top to Bottom (Left to Right) – Paul Boche by Mario Gonzalez, Photographed by Jo Duck for Brace Magazine, Unknown from Design Love Fest, “night sight” Yulia Terentieva by Sebastian Sabal-bruce for S Moda for El Pais, Perret Schaad a/w13.14, Photography by Bruna Kazinoti for Mammii jewellery 2013/14, Christophe Lemaire’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, “The Collections” Mariska van der Zee by Ola Rindal for Rodeo Autumn 2013, Photographed by Sabrina Theissen for Sleek Magazine, Photography by Patrick Houi for Sleek “Rosenthal”, SSAW magazines’ S/S14 Covers “Wild Flowers”by Hasse Nielsen, My New Roots, Photography Nicole Maria Winkler “flatland”, Ostlondon | Dorothea Barth Jorgensen by Jen Carey for Costume Magazine, By Emily McDowell, Bigger Harvest by Creative Packaging PD, Kamila Filipcikova by Julia Hetta for Rodeo 2011 “the sealed room”, “3 Sisters” Anabelle Magazine with photography by  Amanada Camenisch, Photography by Daniel Sannwald for Metal Magazine March/April 2011

Happy new year! How is 2014 treating you? One week into 2014 and of course like the rest of the population I am treating my body to a break from overeating. This is my first time trying a juice cleanse (or as I like to call juice feast) for five days. I previously tried a three day juice detox after being inspired by the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (if you haven’t seen, hop to it!) and after learning more it made sense to try a longer cleanse as the first three days you spend feeling groggy with headaches from detoxing and after this you are to feel amazing. I’m not sure I’m on ‘amazing’ and ‘filled with energy’ as others have advertised but I’m not hungry any longer and am happy to give my body a break. Looking forward to some healthy meals seen on Earthsprout and My New Roots.

I love this time of year for its new lease of life it gives to everyone. I think its wonderful for people to consider how to better their lives and themselves. I like to take stock every few months and I love setting new goals, experimenting with lifestyle changes and overall hoping to better myself both in career and in my personal life. One of the problems that I often incur and I know a lot of people do in this digital age, is comparing oneself with others on the internet. It’s good to set goals but it is also good to see that everyone is on their own path. Plus what people expose to the internet isn’t the whole truth, only the best bits!

I have found some beautiful images recently that will be inspiring me in the upcoming season. One shoot in particular that stood out for me is SSAW magazines’ S/S14 Covers “Wild Flowers”by Hasse Nielsen. Simple but beautiful story that interoperates the mood and structure of the flowers they are pared with. I love how subtle the make up is but has a fresh, glow that really replicas a fresh bloom.

Scandinavia SSAW Magazine S:S14 Covers “Wild Flowers”by Hasse Nielsen
Scandinavia SSAW Magazine S:S14 Covers “Wild Flowers”by Hasse Nielsen3

Scandinavia SSAW Magazine S:S14 Covers “Wild Flowers”by Hasse Nielsen4

+ This tumblr is so beautiful
+ RK Design has free shipping until January 12th. I love the alphabet print!
+ Everyone missing summer? Yes! Sonia by Sonia Rykiel lookbook cheers me up.
+ I love self improvement but I have the idea of ‘diets’ as in the sense of deprivation. Refinery29 have the right idea! I love this Anti-diet series that focuses on eating to nourish and to focus on instincts.
+ The power of Crystals!
+ I love this DIY over at Paradissi for concrete candle holders. Something I may try…