Week in Pictures | Copenhagen Edition




A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting my friend and talented designer, Mariapia Mineo (You may remember her from the cookbooks I shot here and here) at her apartment in Copenhagen. This city captured my heart a while ago and this trip only strengthened it. Somehow Copenhagen has a way of putting a smile on my face. It may be the many boutique stores stocking every interior dreamers fantasies, that cycling everywhere is a genuine possibility when the ground is flat, even when made slightly wonky after a few beers, cosy cafés are on every corner and friendly Danes always make me feel welcome (just don’t try saying Hei Hei when entering a store, as although this is a custom in Oslo and a similar version in Sweden, in Denmark it actually means goodbye! Many weird looks were delivered my way).

When traveling I cannot advise highly enough staying with friends. Mariapia lives on the fifth floor with no lift, so although carrying a 20kg suitcase up so many flights the apartment has to be my favourite place to stay. Line, the girl Mariapia rents from, has decorated the place with vintage plant pots, a giant collage of found postcards and inspiration clippings, old boardgames and had cleverly found solutions to the small space. I loved how Mariapia had hung up her graphic black and white canvas school bag in the kitchen to make the white space seem so much more interesting!





One of my favourite stores was Bob Noon. A collective and studio where several talented artists have come together to work and then also open a store. The walls were covered from floor to ceiling with these stunning creations! Yes, I wanted so many of their creations but decided on the easiest to get the most images for my money in the form of a card game, Sorte Per. I didn’t know the game as it comes from Scandinavia, but the aim is simple, to match up the couples and avoid keeping the lonely hunter card in your hand. The combinations are of course awe-inspiring, cute and delightful. One of our favourites are the rockabilly kittens. The game is now a staple in my purse ready to be pulled out at any moment! We played in Copenhagen over several beers and plates of french fries.






One night we took the opportunity to have a dinner party. My favourite thing is to make and serve food for friends so to be able to do so while on a trip was a treat! I was on veggie burger production, serving spicy red kidney bean burgers and Mariapia made a tapas board with an Italian theme.

This was a trip for work and for pleasure. I am so grateful to be able to work at something I love and am excited about, at the same time as traveling, meeting new people and experiencing somewhere unknown to me. On this trip I worked with talented designer Lise Juul Rasmussen on a shoot for the new issue of Haunt. After a cold day spent at the harbour, we rewarded ourselves with Pizza at Mother. Overall meeting new people was what made this trip really special. I hope to return soon.