Week in Pictures | England Edition



Sipping a matcha latte on a Sunday morning in Oslo I feel it is about time to share the photos I took while in England. Going back to the ‘motherland’ as a tourist, is an interesting combination of familiarity and new territory. I of course slipped back into English life quickly, turning my brain off from the constant language translation struggle and suddenly I could understand everyone, and understand the polite customs I have come to miss in Norway. The first few days I spent with family, enjoying spending the days with my mother who was on leave from work due to the school holidays, by going to the farm to pick up fresh organic vegetables, waking up in the mornings together to enjoy the local porridge we bought and to go on shopping trips. In this comforting state, I forgot to pick up the camera and enjoyed not capturing every moment as I would as a tourist.

The reason I love to spend Autumn in England is cultivated in the 5th of November celebrations. A very British tradition that is a little confusing or maybe disturbing to outsides as we celebrate burning ‘Guy Fawkes’ (a scarecrow version of course) on a bonfire to commemorate his attempt to blow up parliament hundreds of years ago. For us it is a time of year to get dressed up in as many clothes as possible, slip on wellington boots and watch the bonfire burn with fireworks under the Autumn sky. Every year, as part of the bonfire committee, my father and helpers build a large bonfire in the village. The tradition is to go early and help by carving pumpkins to light the path later in the evening. The pumpkins are usually huge and result in elaborate carved designs (this year a little smaller as the summer was dryer).

One bonfire was not enough for us this year as we ventured to the biggest celebration of this date, in Lewes. Here we watched over 30 bonfire committees in a procession of fire, Papier mâché‎ and costume walk the streets. There was mulled wine, cheering and red smoke that filled the streets. A brilliant place to take photos but I was a little worried to take a good camera to a place where crowds go into the thousands and flames are in all directions.




A few days later I re-discovered the tourist inside and took a trip to Brighton, one of my favourite cities. I walked the Lanes under the sun, delighting at the window of my favourite vintage store, Wolf and Gypsy Vintage, indulging in a Thai pie at Iydea, buying vintage photos at Snoopers Paradise and then meeting with my good friend Ella.




Snoopers Paradise, where you can find all sorts of delights! Let your mind wonder and I’m sure your wildest ideas could be fulfilled here. Including a black and white Photo Booth where I have spent several dressing up sessions.