Design to Print | Business cards that do all the talking


If you happen to follow me on social media (all the biggies Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) you will have seen that on Monday afternoon I came home to a gift in the mail. A gift from me to me, the best kind! Inside the cardboard box (featuring a sticker reading ‘Yay!’) was another box with a seal and my new business cards sitting pretty inside. I am happy to share with you the box of joy.


As with when I am working for clients, I wanted the cards to have a premium feel but without a large price tag. When I heard about Moo Card’s newest offering of ‘Luxe’ cards with a colour seam, I pocked about on the site and realised for what they are offering the price point is very reasonable. I selected the red seam (out of black, yellow, red and blue) to match my branding and the deign was very much inspired by the loading page on my portfolio. I picked one sided but two sided won’t cost you any more unlike some other companies I have researched. I now can’t wait to start handing them out to anyone that gives me second glance!


Another great point for those of you outside the UK and US, I ordered mine to Norway, and as they count as ‘printed matter’ you shouldn’t be taxed on your purchases.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post but I believe if you find something good, you should share it!