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Image Sources (From Top to Bottom, Left to Right) | Unknown, w-u-n-d-e-r, Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars from Top with Cinnamon, Urbaani Fusikka, Omega Berry Bowl from Earthsprout

Welcome to a new segment! Like most people I am living, thinking person and quite often I’d like to share these thoughts. So here we have ‘On..’ a new series on different musings from my brain. Be prepared this may get interesting!

To begin with, ‘Food’ seems like the perfect subject. It is a topic that no matter where you go or who you talk to, you will meet someone with an opinion. It is a subject that divides people, cultures, beliefs and pretty much has a lot to say over how we live our everyday lives. It’s a little peculiar in a way as by the simple act of popping food into your month (or not if your on a fast) can say and mean so much.

For me food is expressive, can show how you feel, can be comforting, creative as well as nutritious. I find it fascinating to create something new from the most basic ingredients (whether good or bad), and to learn how it affects me after I eat. I read blogs reguarly, watch documentaries (Hungry for Change, Forks over Knives and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead are all an amazing places to start) and of course experiment first hand. To me I can’t think of anything more interesting then learning about the properties of food. Eat an avocado and I know I am getting the benefits of vitamin e, omega 6 and really great fats. Pop it on my skin and I instantly have a skin brighten skin mask (after washing off, of course!).


Image Sources (From Top to Bottom, Left to Right) | Cold Soba Bowl from Eat my Tortes, Unknown, Quinoa and Mango Salad from Food52,  Cinnamon Rolls from The Rawsome Vegan Life

All this of course has lead to finding a lot of conflicting information. I have come to the conclusion that everyone comes to nutrition from a different place and quite often what works for one person may not work for another. BUT there are many cross overs. For instance plant based/vegan/vegetarian diets are based on vegetables and whole grains, pulses and beans (most of the time – hello pizza!), and then the Paleo diet focuses on animal products and a lack of grains but it is a diet that focus on eating close to nature and to add in more vegetables (both vegan and paleo avouiding dairy products). Overall the message is no matter what side you sit on, vegetables and getting away from processed foods are key. Heck that’s not too hard to work out!

Currently I am working to cut down on sugar. Believe me, it has not been a pretty ride! I have been following Sarah Wilson‘s ‘I quit sugar’ program, (while eating plant based). I am trying out the program as I am a Brit with tea and cake running through my veins (oh my Grandie is an amazing baker), but I dislike having the daily craving around 3pm and the sugar urge after dinner. On week four it is becoming easier and I hope to stay away from the cravings when I start adding healthy sweet treats back in.


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