Mood #3

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Dreaming of a camping trip! Every now and again I put on my lomography tinted glasses and lust after the freedom of nature, driving to unknown places, sleeping under the stars and roasting marshmallows over an open fire. In two weeks time myself and my boyfriend will be hitting the road on a trip around Norway. I have been part time living in Oslo for the past year or so but have only seen a snippet of what the country offers. This will be a trip of enlightenment! On the list of things to do we have rafting, hiking over what looks like a dinosaurs tail, visiting Norway’s other “large” cities Bergen and Stavanger,and dancing to Susanne Sundfør at Slottsfjell festival.

While dreaming about our trip (and keeping fingers crossed for dry weather) I have been delving into the world of Vegetarian Ventures blog, Old Brand New’s blog and reading the Summer Issue of Chickpea Magazine. I highly recommend going through all the back pages and issues of each! Maybe some of the recepies I can take with me and others I will ‘snip’ and save for later.

Not only finding inspiration online, but from the local greengrocers. It is now the season for peonies, cherries, strawberries and rhubarb and I am enjoying all with abundance. As I am typing this I can smell the sweet musty smell of Peonies and its making every bit of the rain outside fade away.


Images (left to right, top to bottom) 1. Unknown, 2. Great Adventure by Leah Flores, 3. Kale, Tomatoes & Garlic Breadsticks by Vegetarian Ventures, 4. Unknown, 5. We are all so Hipster, 6. Unknown, 7.Unknown, 8.Vintage Sandra, 9. Unknown, 10. Chickpea Magazine, 11. Unknown

* Laying under the stars
* Taking a bunch of polaroids
* Views from another level that our feet have taken us to
* Building stacks of stones across the country to mark our journey
* Breadsticks
* Open fires
* Making playlists for the car stereo and listening to podcasts
* Waking to sunlight and the sound of nature
* Getting soaked to the bone
* Feeling exhausted from adventure
* Dancing and singing loudly at the festival
* Finding food whether we go (hopefully some blueberry bushes will come our way)
* Watching out for trolls
* Jumping on tall hills (not off cliffs!)
* Discovering new cities
* My Norwegian love